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This Factory Five Type 65 Coupe is a period-correct example with a few modern touches throughout.



The car is painted in a beautiful Lexus Indigo Blue with Wimbledon White stripes. It sits on 17-inch halibrand wheels to match the styling of the original Daytona Coupe that Carroll Shelby built from 1964-1965.


Our HRB signature Gen 3 Valve Covers cut by JC Customs are mounted on either side of a black powder-coated Shaun's Custom Alloy intake to feed air into the reliable but rowdy Gen 3 Coyote. This engine has plenty of power to get up and go but not too much that you'll get carried away and lose control.



The interior of this Daytona Coupe is mostly period correct to emphasize the history and racing nature of the original. This customer opted for black vinyl seats and added A/C for a little extra comfort. Race-inspired sliding windows keep this car looking like the real deal while maintaining your ability to pop through the drive through before an early morning car show or track day.

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