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The owner and CEO of Factory Five Racing, Dave Smith, saw the Cobra X at a car show and was so impressed that he asked us to put the brand-new 5.2 liter Predator motor into a MKIV roadster.



Wimbledon white stripes are draped over a beautiful Lexus Indigo Blue. This car has was built to mimic a Cobra that would have been raced in the '60s so the short driver's side windscreen and large tires are key features of the outward appearance of this car. 


Straight out of a 2020 GT500 Mustang, the 5.2 liter supercharged Predator engine puts out well over 700 HP from the factory. This engine was acquired well before the ECU was available for purchase so we dissected the wiring harness and rewired it using an Emtron KV8 standalone ECU so that we could have this done in time to surprise Dave with it at the 2022 Factory Five Open House.

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