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'35 Hotrod Truck

This Factory Five Racing kit has been taken to the next level with some amazing customizations and parts.



This truck is painted in Porsche Chalk with black scallops accented by red and silver pin-striping to compliment the red paint calipers. The chassis and firewall are powder-coated in Gun-metal Grey to match the face of the BC-Forged 3-piece wheels with all of the control arms in Silver Vein. To add an extra level of complexity we decided to build suicide doors and electric door openers to keep the side of the truck smooth and without door handles.


The bottom end of the engine is a built Gen. 3 Coyote paired with Gen. 2 Coyote heads and our custom billet valve covers. The transmission is a 6XD sequential 6-speed with straight cut gears. Twin 68mm Garret Turbochargers are pushing air into an inter-cooled Frankenstein billet intake to produce over 1000 HP to the tires. All of this is managed by an Emtron KV8 ECU.



Orlando's Magic in Marietta, GA hooked us up with a beautiful "Daytona" inspired interior with red accents to tie in the red Wilwood calipers and red pin-striping. A custom-wrapped Sparco steering wheel is mounted on a removable hub for easy entry and exit. With no shortage of modern features, the seats are heated and cooled and the armrest has a wireless phone charger. There's also LED ambient lighting and a bangin' sound system connected to Apple CarPlay through a Stinger head unit that displays side, front and rear facing cameras in place of mirrors.

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